Candy song sex

I'm as open minded as the next person, which is why I am aware that all this is going on in this town. The men are barechested; they're sex symbols in the same caliber as the members of The Clash, something on the level of fraternity dudes. Though it seemed to make complete sense to me, I decided since our listeners didn't see the obvious story in the song we could help them out. As Joe notes, the move to the subdominant chord gives the song a bluesy tinge. He is also feeling guilty about it. This guy has WAY too much free time on his hands and decides he wants to be a woman. The singer is actually more of a man that is a wanna-be transvestite lesbian. No deep perverted meanings here.

Candy song sex

The lyrics are suggestive, but relatively tasteful. I won't say that it can't get any worse; it certainly can, and I fear that it will. Now here's Bow Wow Wow doing the same thing, twenty years later: But it is impossible to imagine the influential work of those jazz cats if not for the forefathers of funk paving the way for them in the s and 70s. Meanwhile, a troupe of cheerleaders dance in and around them in somewhat short, but mainly fun clothing. The lyrics have changed from "a girl who's soft and sweet" to "a guy who's tough but sweet", and from "with her hair hung down" to "when the sun goes down". Okay, I think we've finally determined who's mind is the most twisted. Darryl, what dark place does this song take YOU? As for not having a problem with it unless it's shoved I would have used the word thrown, but who's the sick one now? Anyway, back to my interpretation. The male singers demonstrate not the slightest sexuality, let alone expression. Not that I want to get into my issues with the town in general, but this is what the song is about. How would you tie those lyrics into your meaning? She's a girl now singing about "a girl who's tough but sweet", which could be construed as either lesbian or straight on straight girl activity, either one representing an uninhibited, gender-blind sexuality: Not only does your interpretation of this song show your dementia, but your linking of transvestitism, Portland, and your hatred of the city shows a disturbing phobic tendency. Just because Lesbians take the spotlight most of the time doesn't mean there isn't an underground of transvestitism throughout the town. This song is doing nothing but throwing it in our faces. I'm sure the readers have long since seen the light on this song. That's what it comes down to. He sees a new one and is looking forward to the conquest. Mama this surely is a dream. As Joe notes, the move to the subdominant chord gives the song a bluesy tinge. Anyway, the song is a simple statement of lust. Brown is good and ready for it. You just fail to see the obvious.

Candy song sex

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  1. Who's that casting devious stares in my direction? She expresses sexual desire, is sexually desirable, but is still mostly just having fun.

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