I hurt my girlfriend during sex

Other times, there are relationship issues or medical issues that are best addressed with a sex therapist aasect. Excuse me for the detail here but I need advice and so want to present the full situation. These problems may include fibroids that can cause deep intercourse pain. Is the pain normal? She tells me to leave and I sit there for another 10 minutes racking my brain until I leave to write this. It's really important that whatever methods you use, you're both comfortable with. We were both virgins so we have no prior knowledge of having sex.

I hurt my girlfriend during sex

For more info on how to use condoms with a lubricant, and how to use condoms properly, click here. This is a condition in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. What Causes Painful Sex in Women? For starters, her itchiness may have been irritation from either the condom OR the spermicide. It's really important that whatever methods you use, you're both comfortable with. TL;DR Had sex with my girlfriend, a few complications during and finished to see her visibly upset. She's usually loud during sex but has recently tried to be quieter as we've gotten complaints from flat mates so I believed that to be the reason. When a woman is nervous, too, the vagina tends to clamp down and stay too tight for intercourse to feel good. I sit on the chair next to her bed feeling like shit, as I knew she did too, and try to talk to her and she tells me not to touch her. Each time we try the experience is painful for her. Here's what happened around 20 minutes ago. I am not so into the idea as I don't exactly want to "make love" to someone half asleep who doesn't seem into it. I get on top of her, which is the most common way we have sex, and do the usual but at one point I hurt her by pulling out and pushing into her hard by accident. And if a condom DID fail or break, it'd still be advisable to go and get emergency contraception , since relying on that little bit of spermicide alone to prevent pregnancy wouldn't be wise. Apparently I should have stopped having sex then and said that if she's too tired than it's ok, however I thought she still wanted to continue. Any advice or opinions on the matter are very welcome. Just as full sexual arousal for you is vital to intercourse 'working" and feeling good -- without it, you can't get an erection -- it's equally important for her. So problems with the cervix such as infections can cause pain during deep penetration. Too, we really never advise having sex as a minor when parents are strongly against it. She keeps pushing the idea of sex to the point where she lies with her butt facing me and pulls her pants down telling me to get in. Am I in the wrong here? She stopped being on top because she realised she felt too tired. Some treatments for female sexual pain do require a doctor's care. If I hurt her. After 10 minutes of sitting by her side I put a hand on her side to which she flinched quite a lot, I felt quite shocked. Women who are experiencing vaginal dryness should speak with their healthcare provider for additional information, examination, and possible treatment options see ACOG for additional information.

I hurt my girlfriend during sex

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  1. We start having sex, both on our sides with me doing her from behind and, at least to me, she seems to perk up and get into it. That's a valid fear, but being anxious or nervous about things like that during any kind of sex keeps us from getting or staying fully sexually aroused.

  2. Apparently I hurt her by going in too hard and by that point she was already not into it and was too dry we used lube at the start.

  3. So, if a condom alone isn't safe enough for her, and she's also not okay with using EC, then before y'all have intercourse again, she's going to need to talk to a sexual healthcare provider about her other options.

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