Jersey new offender registry sex

A person required to register under paragraph 2 of subsection b. For the purposes of this act a sex offense shall include the following: The time period for determining the verification requirement is calculated from the date of initial registration or most recent re-registration resulting from a change of address or release from incarceration, not the date you appear at the law enforcement agency for address verification. Legislative findings and declaration The Legislature finds and declares: Ensure that the Internet registry contains warnings that any person who uses the information contained therein to threaten, intimidate or harass another, or who otherwise misuses that information may be criminally prosecuted; b. This information is being made available on the Internet to facilitate public access to information about persons who have committed a sex offense, to enable you to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and those in your care from possible harm.

Jersey new offender registry sex

Any information disclosed pursuant to this act may be used in any manner by any person or by any public, governmental or private entity, organization or official, or any agent thereof, for any lawful purpose consistent with the enhancement of public safety. If there is no law enforcement unit, that person must register with the local law enforcement agency having primary jurisdiction for the campus. The danger of recidivism posed by sex offenders and offenders who commit other predatory acts against children, and the dangers posed by persons who prey on others as a result of mental illness, require a system of registration that will permit law enforcement officials to identify and alert the public when necessary for the public safety. The Superintendent of State Police shall maintain a central registry of registrations provided pursuant to this act. Change of school employment or school enrollment status You must notify the law enforcement agencies with which you are registered no later than 5 days after any such change. By placing this information on the Internet, no representation is being made that the listed individual will commit any specific crime in the future, nor is any representation being made that if the individual commits an offense, that one of the listed offenses will be the offense committed. The Internet registry excludes any information about offenders determined to present a low risk of re-offense tier 1 offenders. These provisions are set forth in New Jersey law at N. Advertisement Who We Are 1 of 5 girls and 1 of 6 boys will be molested before their 18th birthday. In accordance with New Jersey law, individuals who have been convicted, adjudicated delinquent or found not guilty by reason of insanity for a sex offense must register under New Jersey's Megan's Law. Our utilization and market acceptance is phenomenal. Site Traffic and Server Maintenance At times this site may receive an extraordinarily large number of visitors. In early , 9 year old Jessica Lunsford was brutally assaulted and murdered by a neighbor and convicted sex offender. Concerned that everyone needs access to this critical safety information, the FamilyWatchdog. For example, the interest in facilitating rehabilitation of juveniles who have been adjudicated delinquent for the commission of one sex offense, but who do not present a relatively high risk of re-offense, justifies the decision to limit public access to information about such juveniles through the Internet. Upon completion of that review and the submission of any recommendations thereon, the council shall expire. In addition to any other registration requirements, a person required to register who is enrolled at, employed by, or carries on a vocation at an institution of higher education in this State, must also register within 10 days of commencing such attendance, employment, or vocation with the law enforcement unit of the educational institution, if any. One year after the effective date of this act, the Attorney General shall review, evaluate and, if warranted, modify pursuant to the "Administrative Procedure Act," P. Notice of obligation to register as sex offender Notice of the obligation to register shall be provided as follows: The guidelines shall identify factors relevant to risk of re-offense and shall provide for three levels of notification depending upon the degree of the risk of re- offense. An elected public official, public employee, or public agency is immune from civil liability for damages for any discretionary decision to release relevant and necessary information, unless it is shown that the official, employee, or agency acted with gross negligence or in bad faith. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent law enforcement officers from notifying members of the public exposed to danger of any persons that pose a danger under circumstances that are not enumerated in this act. The information concerning a registered offender to be made publicly available on the Internet shall include: Within three days of receipt of a registration pursuant to subsection c. This sex offender Internet registry includes information pertaining to sex offenders determined to pose a relatively high risk of re-offense tier 3 offenders and, with certain exceptions, information about sex offenders found to pose a moderate risk of re-offense tier 2 offenders. The Legislature further finds and declares that, in some instances, countervailing interests support a legislative determination to exclude from the Internet registry the registration information of certain sex offenders.

Jersey new offender registry sex

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  1. Within three days of receipt of a registration pursuant to subsection c. Offenders moving to New Jersey You must notify the chief law enforcement officer of the municipality in which you intend to reside or the State Police within 10 days of your arrival in New Jersey.

  2. Immunity from civil and criminal liability for providing or failing to provide relevant information Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, any person who provides or fails to provide information relevant to the procedures set forth in this act shall not be liable in any civil or criminal action.

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