Male sex photographs

You step into this thing and take something— Matt Lambert: It was a regular techno club, but really good techno club — probably the best I have ever been to. Or suddenly there might be like a gesture that, of course, I see it happen in the club where I get inspiration. And I think that is a big talent. Also that moment of spontaneity.

Male sex photographs

You step into this thing and take something— Matt Lambert: You often end up bound to these people. There's even times when I'll post an image of two boys kissing and I feel bad, and I feel like I've done something wrong, and I feel like I'm in trouble, and I'm like "what the fuck is wrong with me to even have those thoughts? Tumblr is where it all began, definitely. Most of my photos that I actually have, before I shoot them, I have them in my head. The separation between cold and warm is interesting because actually that was never an intention in the beginning, but then I realised the more and more there is a division between these two things. That was the place where I, for the first time ever actually, posted stuff. And you can say, well, what is against your guidelines? I don't want to live in a country, or in a place where all of a sudden I will get these really weird morals, indoctrinated from some For that, I'm quite thankful for digital spaces. People would have sex everywhere and Berghain is different, Berghain came out of Ostgut and Berghain is definitely milder in terms of sex. Or suddenly there might be like a gesture that, of course, I see it happen in the club where I get inspiration. I know a lot of photographers have a shoot and then never really catch up with the people. I go into my printer at my exhibition, I need to print a certain photo. But I think it has changed a lot. And in between, I got some of then reinstated and then straight away deleted. Growing up as a gay boy I used facilities like public toilets and glory holes where you only actually got tiny fractures of scenes. I don't think it's meant as a compliment. It's a part of your talent and a part of your personality is that you feel really comfortable to be around and actually want to be around you. Instagram, however, I am mixed and torn between, because at one point, I think it's a cute outlet for people producing, showing their stuff but the regimentation and the censorship is beyond ridiculous. It's just like secretly removing it from my wall which I find really shocking. I discover that one thing that really fascinates me, which I'm obsessed with. I now imagine the kid, 13, 14, growing up gay and growing up with these morals from Facebook, Instagram You show your whole breasts, I don't get it, either you're standing in front of me bare-breasted, and then you hide your nipple? And mostly I am dressed and behind the camera, and they need to trust me for me to feed into their trust by creating that special moment, and that is for me a fascinating moment every time. The moment started really when that person is undressing in front of my camera. I always try to explain and think of a corpse, think of a dead person when it comes to white skin because I don't want them to look healthy.

Male sex photographs

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  1. For me, I take it as a compliment. I've been living here for 16 years now and when I moved here, this city was way more liberal than it is now.

  2. And you don't even need to bring it down to sexuality, bring it to nudity, public nudity.

  3. There's a blurry line between cold and intimate, and there's a constantly shifting line which is quite a subjective thing anyway, right?

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