Mickie james sex scene

It's not unusual for wrestlers to struggle with money on the independent scene. Mickie James is so hot in this photo; she can lie down next to running water and still not get wet. It's fair to say that Mickie James is a very talented woman. From the high heels, all the way up to her pigtails, this photo highlights the former champion's massive sex appeal. Her seductive gaze and cozy attire make this image, a difficult one to forget.

Mickie james sex scene

This was one of James's last feuds in OVW, before being called up to the main roster. It seem's that her country girl persona isn't just a clever wrestling gimmick. Her smile is nothing short of infectious. Phoenix won their first matchup, back in Seriously, this photo couldn't be any hotter. However, the photo proves that women with curves are still quite beautiful. With photos such as this one, it's easy to see how James has developed such a loyal male fan base. The WWE star also has a budding career in country music. Despite her facial expression, something tells me that putting on this outfit wasn't an accident. This costume confirms the old saying, "sometimes, less is more". If James ever gets tired of wrestling, a career in lingerie modeling certainly wouldn't be out of the question. However, you don't need to take my word for it. Is this woman a professional wrestler or a Victoria's Secret model? She recently returned to WWE for her second tour of duty and looks better than ever. Mickie James comes from a very large family. I mean who doesn't love a good lollipop? She has 3 step-siblings, a half-brother, half-sister, and a sister. It also clearly shows that Mickie James doesn't neglect her legs when she's spending time in the gym. The little guy sure looks happy in this photo and understandably so. She forgot her hat. Mickie James truly is, "Hardcore Country". Instead, let's take at 15 of the hottest Mickie James photos on planet Earth! She was born in Richmond, Virginia, but actually grew up in a community called Montpelier. James actually started her career out as a valet in It's almost like she's looking to the side and saying to herself, "Wow! However, the fact that she's one of the most beautiful women in all of pro wrestling, certainly shouldn't be overlooked. I look really good in this outfit.

Mickie james sex scene

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  1. Her parents split up when she was still a child. She recently returned to WWE for her second tour of duty and looks better than ever.

  2. This was basically a no disqualification match with weapons hanging overhead. It's good to see that James was able to get through those trying times and become a star in the pro wrestling business.

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