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Managua is a major transportation hub for the country, so if you are traveling around Nicaragua, you are bound to pass through Managua at some point. From here you can carry on to the interior of the country if you wish, or you can head back to the coast to chill and drink rum on the beach. The Caribbean coast is isolated, wild, and stunningly beautiful. Like way more fun. Exploring Somoto Canyon is definitely worth it if you have the time. Santiago Cathedral in Managua. Soak in the vibes in Grenada before heading to Ometepe.

Nicara ebony sex

Of course, this backpacking loop can be flexible according to your own interests and tastes. Backpacking Nicaragua Two Weeks Itinerary 2: You can explore miles of dirt roads on a motorbike, swim under waterfalls, and hike a volcano. Whilst the Corn Islands do receive a bit of tourist traffic, a vast majority of the Caribbean coast sees far less backpacker traffic than other parts of the country. Backpacking Somoto Canyon This is must for any adventure-junkies itinerary. If you love Ometepe, stay there for a week. Read more about my experience here. Explore the Caribbean Coast When it comes to getting to the Caribbean , you have two options. You can dig into to life at a surf camp. From Managua, catch a bus to El Rama and then a boat down the river to BlueFields, maybe pause a day in BlueFields to check out the legendary cocaine scene. The capital city of Managua is home to the international airport. Coast, Cities, and Volcanos Two Weeks: Some of the best, untouched beaches in the country can be found on the coastal stretch between San Juan Del Sur and El Transito. Nicaragua Highlights 4 Weeks: The guide will provide you with life-jackets and everything else you need to explore the canyon safely, you will spend the day floating, swimming and jumping into the river winding through the canyon. There are some fun things to do in Managua, however. Just bear in mind that the canyon is a five hour journey from Leon by chicken buses and so you can end up losing two whole days just getting there and back from Leon. Like way more fun. From here you can escape the chaos of the city while catching some great views. The potential for off the beaten path travel here is enormous. Whilst in Nicaragua keep an eye out for the greatest smoothie chain in the world — Siembras y Cosechas — I recommend going for the raspberry, blueberry and pineapple shake! Caribbean Adventure 10 Days: Luckily, the Corn Islands are yet to be touched by the backpacker hordes. If you still have a bit of time to work with you can head to the Caribbean coast, either by air or by boat. Must Try Experiences in Nicaragua Where to go Backpacking in Nicaragua Backpacking in Nicaragua offers up the opportunity to explore and experience a variety of landscapes and local culture. Volcano boarding like a boss! The Caribbean coast is isolated, wild, and stunningly beautiful.

Nicara ebony sex

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  1. Make sure to check out the stunning cathedral in the main square, for just a dollar you can get right up on top of the whitewashed roof where you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the city. I ended up lingering here for nearly two weeks in the extremely comfortable Trailwinds Hostel.

  2. You can dig into to life at a surf camp. Wikicommons Backpacking Leon This stunning colonial city is a great place to get stuck.

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