Sex positions to have fun

Are you looking to try something a little bit outside the box, to cross a few more things off your bucket list, to mix in some furniture or to add some serious spice to the relationship? This position also promotes intimacy through ease of eye gazing and kissing [ The leaning forward actually lets you get a somewhat deeper feel, and the difficulty quotient will make you feel all the more accomplished for pulling it off. This position is also great for giving her analingus. The pressure you put on her clitoris could help her get to orgasm quicker. Once you're penetrating her, have her rotate her torso so her legs are pointing in opposite directions. In this position, the male partner sits in the tub with his legs extended and gets to relax.

Sex positions to have fun

There are plenty of formulas on the market engineered for specific use cases, depending on where and what you're trying to lube up. Not to mention that many women report enjoying oral sex more than penetrative sex. The Backseat Special Carlee Ranger The backseat is a favorite sex spot because of it being the most convenient spot to have sex when you're typically surrounded by inconvenient places to have sex. Make sure you're strong enough to pull this one off, and then penetrate her. You get to lie back and get a simply wonderful view of your partner moving up and down; she gets excellent clitoral stimulation and a lot of control of depth and penetration. From here, your partner has complete control over the speed, depth and intensity of her gyrations, not to mention a free hand to use as she wishes — clitoral stimulation, anyone? But if you're exploring kinkier options with your partner, this is a great option that allows you to take a more dominant role while still offering both of you a lot of intimacy. Adult film actor and director Derrick Pierce says: Penetration-wise, this is arguably the quickest way for a woman to get an orgasm, although quite a bit more difficult for you. Grasp her around her hips firmly and thrust into her. Don't try this without first ascertaining that it can hold your weight or your partner's , though. Scissoring Carlee Ranger To be honest, aside from the awesomeness of the name, you might find this one a bit challenging. As for her legs, there are a few options; you can have her wrap them around you, you could have them hanging down or up against your shoulders, you could even have her lie on her side as well for a differing angle of penetration. Reverse Cowgirl Carlee Ranger A classic, the reverse Cowgirl puts the man on the bottom and has the woman straddling him facing away. Standing From Behind Carlee Ranger Another public sex favorite that can also work for anal, this position is relatively simple; both of you are standing, and you enter her from behind. Bridge And Tunnel Carlee Ranger This is a complicated position that shouldn't be attempted by the inexperienced. But if she can pull if off, she deserves a pat on the back — she might need it for support anyway. In this edition, you enter her from behind as you would normally with Doggy-Style, only then both of you straighten your torsos straight up. If you're lying one on top of the other, typically woman on top is easier, with each of you pleasuring the other orally. For more leverage, you can reach around her back with your arms and pull her tightly against you. This position requires little work on her behalf, but feels amazing because her legs are placed closely together which creates a tighter entry for him and increased sensation for her. The eye contact, the mild male dominance and the angle of penetration make this a popular one, and odds are, the first time you had sex was in Missionary. In its simplest form, you kneel on the bed, with your partner on all fours. Check out these Missionary-inspired versions: We'd add a pretty big note of caution here: Standing between her legs, enter her, then lift and cross them so they form an X. If you're in the mood for something a little more zen, try this position.

Sex positions to have fun

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  1. While sideways 69ing requires a bit more effort than the upright version, it's a great option if lying on top of each other is tricky for whatever reason, and offers a fun new spin — literally — on a classic oral position.

  2. This position allows for her to control the angle of penetration with her hips and both of them have hands free to explore one another and make sure the clitoris isn't ignored. And in case you haven't gotten to know your partner well enough to find out what she's allergic to, this formula is completely organic, chemical and paraben free — which means you'll be in the clear.

  3. Grasp her around her hips firmly and thrust into her. You can also get quite handsy and reach around the play with her nipples or even reach down and add extra stimulation to her clitoris from the front, and it also works great as an anal option.

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