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Following the premises of syndemic theory, and informed by our qualitative findings, we conclude that there are at least three domains in which programs and policies should be focused. El Batey is the neighborhood with the greatest tourism presence, including many businesses catering largely to foreign tourists but which also attract large numbers of locals seeking entertainment, informal sexual exchanges with foreigners, or other work opportunities. This led to a detailed map of alcohol venues. So they [the tourists] come to this country to have fun; what they cannot do in their country they do here. We were cautious about the ethical dimensions of the research and the potentially vulnerable position of employees, and thus avoided formally approaching potential participants if we felt it created suspicion or concern from managers, supervisors, or the authorities. There are a lot of young, pretty girls, and you see them and you fall in love. I do not have resources to buy beer, because I have a newborn baby. Women had to balance this necessity against other gendered obligations, such as being a responsible mother and provider to children. This allowed us to examine whether the theoretical assumptions of syndemic theory are reflected in first-person narratives of the tourism workers themselves, and if so, the specific forms they take.

Sex tours 2009 dominican

Here, we argue that although the behavioral focus of most health research permits the measurement of alcohol and sexual risk practices, the exclusive focus on specific health outcomes compromises the ability to understand the social and ecological conditions that might precede or function as antecedents to both of these practices. Despite recognition of problematic behaviors among tourists, such as excessive alcohol consumption and drug use, few participants characterized the tourism industry as negative or in need of reform. We conducted two separate interviews per participant for two primary reasons. I do not want to get drunk. Local team members who were very familiar with the environment provided important input to determine the least-invasive means and moments for approaching individuals for formal recruitment. Marcos, a year-old man who worked renting chairs and umbrellas on the beach, observed that alcohol functioned as a way to maintain the ambiente atmosphere: Los Charamicos, adjacent to El Batey, is primarily composed of local Dominican residents, many of whom are employed in service work in El Batey, and contains several well-known puntos drug sites known for drug trafficking. I cannot get home drunk. The drinks are free for the women who enter, because if the women go, the [gringos] go. Techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory. Margarita, a year-old bar employee reporting a history of transactional sex, described a tension between the perceived imperative to consume alcohol in the course of her work and her responsibilities as a single mother with young children. Second, conducting two interviews allowed time for the gradual development of familiarity and rapport, which was especially critical for the more sensitive questions. Research on male tourism migrants on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic has shown that the vast majority of these men are internal migrants who relocated to the tourism area for work Padilla, , a finding that has parallels in other studies in the Caribbean Kempadoo, In nations such as the Dominican Republic, where tourism composes a significant proportion of all sources of labor and where tourism zones are absorbing vast populations of unemployed and underemployed labor migrants, we believe that more holistic research informed by syndemic theory is critical for understanding health vulnerabilities of the working population as a whole. Acknowledgments We thank the following Dominican research staff for their assistance in the field research leading to this article: But also, the contribution that they make is really good for the country because we depend completely on tourism. Thus, participants were not immediately approached about participation in the interviews, but rather casual conversations and interactions preceded formal recruitment. A case study of the Dominican Republic. Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 among bar and hotel workers in northern Tanzania: If an individual encountered in the venue appeared to satisfy our sampling requirements, we found an appropriate moment to talk briefly in a private setting outside the venue. Aiming to move beyond disease-specific or single-issue approaches to research and prevention, Singer and colleagues developed syndemic theory to explain the very low overall health profile of poor, drug-using Puerto Ricans in the northeast United States. Because you are partially drunk and so is she. Finally, we end by discussing the implications of these findings for syndemic theory as applied to the situations and social contexts encountered by the growing population of Caribbean tourism workers. I do not have resources to buy beer, because I have a newborn baby. References Adams J, Neville S. Revista Pan-americana de Salud Publica. Whereas Marcos stressed that his job did not obligate him to drink, other participants felt explicit pressure to drink as a part of their job in the tourism industry.

Sex tours 2009 dominican

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  1. In sum, the evidence from a variety of studies demonstrates that the social and economic logic of tourism areas produces a synergy among alcohol, illicit drugs, and sex within the basic fabric of daily life.

  2. The gringo goes where the women go. Indeed, nearly all participants mentioned the consumption of alcohol when asked an open-ended, unprimed question about what they enjoyed doing for recreation.

  3. Whereas Marcos stressed that his job did not obligate him to drink, other participants felt explicit pressure to drink as a part of their job in the tourism industry.

  4. The project team incorporated distinct subject positions, including two North American men of Hispanic descent, two Dominican men, and two Dominican women. Businesses that our participants frequented as part of their work were not only places to purchase alcohol and illicit drugs, but also sites that functioned to link alcohol consumption to eroticism through specific marketing practices.

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