Sexiest hairstyles for long hair

Finger comb through your hair and mist all over with lightweight hairspray to finish. Let the rest of your hair dry naturally for a rougher texture. Finger comb through your waves to break them up a bit, and mist them with spray gel to finish. Pin each curl into place with mini hair clips or bobby pins. Take your hair out of the rollers, and brush out the curls with a paddle brush to soften them up. From perms and bangs to long, blunt cuts, we rounded up 10 of the sexiest haircuts worth trying this spring. Rub texturizing mousse through dry hair and let it set. Lo, blow-dry hair with a large boar-bristle brush, wrapping the ends around the brush as you go.

Sexiest hairstyles for long hair

The key to pulling off this look is showing off all of your layers along with the different layers of your fun personality. Comb lightweight gel from roots to tips. Keep scrolling to see a few of the looks that are still trending and a few new styles you're bound to see everywhere this year. Rub styling mousse throughout damp hair, focusing on the roots, to add extra volume. Use a 1-inch curling iron to add wave to the ends of your hair. This is one of the best options if you're ready to grow out a shag haircut. If necessary, use a curling iron to curl random sections. While a side ponytail is easy to put together, it can get boring sometimes. Mist hair with shine spray to finish. Finger comb through the curls to loosen them into waves. Once your hair is completely dry, use a 2-inch curling iron to curl the very ends of your hair for more flair. You want the clips to be hidden beneath the top layer of hair, which should match the color of the extensions perfectly. Finger comb hair to frame your face, and finish the look with a light misting of shine spray. Bring your hair over one shoulder for a flirty vibe. Starting at the nape area, wrap sections of hair around a large-barrel curling iron vary the hair section sizes to give your waves a more haphazard feel. Start your 'do by applying a straightening balm to your hair this is especially important if you have wavy or curly hair; straightening balm will help you avoid the frizzies. Part damp hair down the center and apply smoothing cream to the bottom half of your hair. Once curlers are cool, unwind and rake through your hair with your fingers. Once your hair is completely dry, mist large sections of hair with setting spray and wrap them around hot rollers. Use a diffuser to blow dry your hair while roughing up your roots by rubbing in a circular motion to create natural volume. Blow dry your hair straight using a paddle brush to get it nice and sleek. To get the look, apply a texturizing product and blow dry hair -- using only your fingertips -- the more tousled the better. Split hair into four sections two at front top and two at back bottom. We've got the hottest long haircuts for oval faces for you to try that will perfectly frame your facial features. Spray leave-in conditioner all over hair, and part it down the middle. Mist hair with a bit of shine spray and gently run your hands over your hair to tame any flyaways.

Sexiest hairstyles for long hair

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  1. Lift the roots and smooth the top. Apply plenty of volumizing mousse a big dollop is good to damp hair.

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