Sexy spanish girl names

Here are some darling Spanish baby names for little girls that any parent will not want to overlook. I prefer Flora or Flor. This name reminds people of hot vampires, for some reason. It's the name of characters in the Twilight series and the Vampire Academy series. Should a soon-to-be mom or dad happen to be on the search for a few gems, we've got it covered. Wha -- what is this character from The Omen doing on this list? The name of a dominatrix! Lots of love for actor Matt Damon is behind this one, I suspect. Lua- I'm not liking Lua at all, sorry.

Sexy spanish girl names

Whether it's a nod to mom or dad's family heritage, inspired from a pop culture favorite, or timeless classic, there are tons of wonderful possible options for a mom's growing bean! Between models Paulina Gretzky and Paulina Porizkova, we definitely get what's hot about this name. A fitting name for a female knucklehead. Sounds like the wealthy heiress heroine of a romance novel or soap opera. So, if you need a cute Spanish nickname for your girlfriend, this where you should look. Fernanda - I like it! Torpe — Used for a clumsy girl, who keeps dropping or knocking down things. It also seems like an old lady name, though, but in a way that it was uncommon enough to be hip now. Cool Spanish Nicknames for Girls When it comes to nicknames, everyone wants the cool ones. Here is a list of mean Spanish nicknames you could call a lady: Not every Danish man is tall, strong, and blond -- it just seems that way. This name means, more or less, soldier or army man. What were we just saying about feminized boys' names? When your nickname can be "Rod" -- well, just use your imagination. Frida - I like this. It's pretty popular in Spain. Too few, we think, considering all of the stunning and timeless options that exist. Spanish names are no exception. Here it is again, spelled the way it is in the movie and novel! Bruta — Another word used for stupid people. Julieta - Super pretty! Italian film actor Marcello Mastroianni was quite the luscious heartbreaker in his day. I guess a lot of us find a devilish name sexy. Seriously, according to Baby Name Wizard, " Dominique is from the Latin Dominicus belonging to a lord , which is derived from dominus a master, a lord. It's Arabic for "flower. Carlota - Love it! I prefer Flora or Flor.

Sexy spanish girl names

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  1. Between models Paulina Gretzky and Paulina Porizkova, we definitely get what's hot about this name.

  2. Lots of love for actor Matt Damon is behind this one, I suspect. I'm not really a place name person.

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