Underlying reasons for sex change

In South Korea, the sex ratio has already declined, and gender preference data from China are also encouraging. She had undergone a sex-change operation in Baltimore at the Johns Hopkins gender clinic. Michael Bailey , Anne Lawrence , James Cantor , and others who argue that there are significant differences between the two groups, including sexuality, age of transition, ethnicity, IQ , fetishism , and quality of adjustment. Hudson and Den Boer, in their provocative writings on this subject 45 , 46 , go further, predicting that these men are likely to be attracted to military or military-type organizations, with the potential to be a trigger for large-scale domestic and international violence. Unfortunately, this "he who dominates wins" methodology is the only "scientific tradition" underlying many behaviorist psychiatrists' theories in the realm of gender studies. The Solutions Governments in affected countries are taking action. This question very often arises in conversations about transsexualism. The study authors concluded that androphilic transsexuals were halfway between the patterns exhibited by male and female controls. As we'll see, behaviorist theory has also had horrific impact on the lives of transsexual people, by classifying them as being "mentally ill", instead of being open to the scientific possibility that they too have innate gender feelings.

Underlying reasons for sex change

Hudson and Den Boer 45 cite as examples the increase in kidnapping and trafficking of women that has been reported from many part of Asia, as well as the recent large increases in dowry prices in parts of India. The differences were even more pronounced than with BSTc; control males averaged 1. Suicide is the result of untreated mental disorders. These researchers concluded that: In China alone, approximately 1 million excess male births are reported every year To them it seems obvious that any woman might want to be a man, and thus it is only the MtF transsexual who is considered to be "mentally ill". In urban China only one child is allowed, so some urban Chinese make the choice to sex-select with their first pregnancy. If they "lose" half the patients they ought to be able to track the question is why? Ignoring suicides will not help to prevent them. It can be difficult to assess sexual orientation in individuals with a GI diagnosis, as they preoperatively might give incorrect information in order to be approved for hormonal and surgical treatment Lawrence, Gender is a well-established individual-level correlate of crime, and especially violent crime In China, young male migrant workers are thought to be responsible for a disproportionate amount of urban crime, especially violent crime. When doing this projection and when theorizing that most transsexual women are actually autogynephiles, this person mimics the well-known macho-dominant style of John Money - doing anything possible to promote their "theory" and to defame as "liers" those who "deny being autogynephiles". Abstract Transsexuals experience themselves as being of the opposite sex, despite having the biological characteristics of one sex. An additional feature was studied in a group of FtM transsexuals who had not yet received cross-sex hormones: The "two-type" behaviorist theory of transsexualism In the late 80's, certain behaviorists proposed a very specific "two-type" theory of transsexualism that has since "caught on" in psychiatric circles as "explaining the cause of transsexual mental illness". Could gender transition just be a "lifestyle choice"? Sadly, the widespread promotion of the non-scientific "autogynephilia theory" has caused a lot of angst among transsexual women who correctly perceive this as yet another trigger for public stigmatization and humiliation. While the transsexuals studied had taken hormones, this was accounted for by including cadavers of non-transsexual male and female controls who, for a variety of medical reasons, had experienced hormone reversal. The main promoters of this "two-type theory" are Ray Blanchard, Ph. Because of the One Child Policy introduced in , China is unique in having a compulsory low-fertility culture, and this is combined with a strong tradition of son preference. Because of this, the consequences of this male surplus are largely speculative. Fortunately there are a rapidly growing number of compassionate non-behaviorist gender counselors who provide practical help for transitioning transsexual people. When the gender angst becomes totally overwhelming, and transsexual people seek counseling and discover options for gender-transition, the floodgates open in their minds: Such psychiatrists thus try to stall-off transsexual surgeries as long as possible, even for decades in some cases, until it is obvious that a patient's "homosexual urges" or "autogynephilic urges" cannot be further contained.

Underlying reasons for sex change

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  1. The researchers found sex-typical differentiation between the MtF transsexuals and cisgender males, and the cisgender females; but the gynephilic transsexuals "displayed also singular features and differed from both control groups by having reduced thalamus and putamen volumes and elevated GM volumes in the right insular and inferior frontal cortex and an area covering the right angular gyrus ". Paul McHugh became director of psychiatry and behavioral science in the mids and asked Dr.

  2. Could treating the underlying psychiatric disorders prevent transgender suicides? In this case, some nerves connecting the genitalia to the brain remain intact.

  3. These counselors follow a model of "informed consent" for their clients, presenting options for treatments and counseling clients on pragmatic, effective ways of resolving their gender issues. BSTc were done by dissecting brains post-mortem.

  4. Behaviorists "believe" that an infant's mind is a blank slate upon which social factors and conditioning act to produce all aspects of personality, including gender. In May , the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that parenting "rewires the male brain" for fathers.

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