Vaginal bleeding after your first time of sex

The Pap test also detects any sign of abnormal, precancerous growths or cancer cells. Fast facts on bleeding after sex: Cervical or endometrial polyps or fibroids Polyps and fibroids are tiny noncancerous growths. Use a lubricant containing water or silicone if this is a concern. On the first occurrence of sexual intercourse, a small flap of vaginal skin called the hymen is often stretched and broken. Common causes of vaginal dryness include: Cancers Cancers that impact the reproductive system or urogenital tract can alter vaginal tissues and hormone levels, making them more vulnerable to damage.

Vaginal bleeding after your first time of sex

Talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits of this treatment. The medical community typically uses this term to describe bleeding from the vagina, a fairly common occurrence caused by a wide range of factors. The cause of your vaginal bleeding will determine your treatment. One of those causes is cervical inflammation , or cervicitis. The source of the bleeding is different, depending on whether a woman is menstruating. If bleeding after sex is an ongoing thing, your doctor may recommend a colposcopy even if your Pap test results are normal, to get a better look at your cervix. During pregnancy, estrogen levels are very high. When the skin is dry it becomes extremely vulnerable to damage. Severe accidents that damage the ovaries, or conditions that lead to their removal, destroy the body's biggest source of estrogen. They commonly grow on the lining of the cervix or uterus, especially in menstruating people, and can cause pain and bleeding. Is this normal or is something else happening? You may want to avoid products containing parabens or propylene glycol. Take care to stick to the treatment plan recommended by your doctor. This condition usually clears up without treatment, but it can cause spotting and vaginal bleeding. Water-based lubricants are recommended. If bleeding returns after vaginal penetration or orgasm has resumed, then a visit to a health care provider for a check-up might be in order. Estrogen therapy If your vaginal dryness is caused by menopause or removal of the ovaries, talk with your doctor about estrogen therapy. Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer. Douching can irritate and dry vaginal tissues. Chemicals and other irritants: Once called vaginal atrophy , GSM refers to reduced lubrication, thickness, and elasticity of vaginal tissue. For most women, using water- or silicone-based lubricants will help prevent bleeding caused by vaginal dryness and friction during sex. Ovary damage or removal: Vaginal dryness can result from taking anti-estrogen medications, cold or flu medications, steroids, sedatives, several antidepressants , and calcium or beta channel blockers. If she's a virgin, it's possible that the hymen has been torn.

Vaginal bleeding after your first time of sex

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  1. Cervical dysplasia Cervical dysplasia occurs when abnormal, precancerous cells grow in the lining of the cervical canal, which is the opening separating the vagina and uterus. Once called vaginal atrophy , GSM refers to reduced lubrication, thickness, and elasticity of vaginal tissue.

  2. During sexual arousal, vaginal tissues secrete natural lubricants, which help to prevent dryness and damaging friction during intercourse. These commonly include yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease , cervicitis, vaginitis , and sexually transmitted infections , such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

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